Ever wonder how to impact the world for Christ through your business clients?

Presenting Charitable Gift Planning options to your clients can initiate a new motivation in them to begin philanthropic thinking or to fulfill their existing charitable objectives.

It is common knowledge that in a challenging economy, many people are hesitant to donate cash. Offering Charitable Gift Planning options and assistance to your clients opens a door of philanthropy that may not have previously existed.

Eden Bridge Foundation can stand beside you as you incorporate charitable giving into your daily business practice.

Financial Advisors

At the initial meeting, you gain understanding of your client’s long term goals.  Presenting Charitable Gift Planning in forms of Charitable Gift Annuities, Trusts or Donor Advised Funds could benefit your client’s portfolio and make a lasting impact.


Clients come to you to draw up their estate plans and set up living wills.  Providing Charitable Gift Planning options to these plans can have an eternal impact on your client’s life, showing them how to leave a legacy for their children and grandchildren.

Tax Advisors/CPAs

What are the tax benefits of donating cash or in-kind gifts?  Knowing the many Charitable Gifting tax details can prove to be essential in a time where many people are looking for extra deductions and tax saving ideas.

Eden Bridge Foundation provides networking and educational opportunities through the monthly Lunch and Learn meetings.  You may also directly reach out to Rob Teague, Executive Director, who will propose Charitable Gift Planning options that can be immediately implemented in your business.